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Indian Payroll and Compliance Training ,
Duration : 30 Days

Training Location: 113, First floor, Ocean plaza, P-5, Sector 18, Noida - 201301

Class Time @8:00AM - 09:45AM Training Mode: Online / Class Rooom (Both)

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Payroll Training

The Institute of Payroll Training and Management

India's Leader in Payroll Education

The Institute of Payroll Training and Management

The IPTM Group

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Become a Complete Payroll Professional Join IPTM Program

The IPTM Institute is createing opportunity to acquire additional skill to student to work as payroll professional along with mission to encouraging young students having aptitude for payroll accounting education to make an early entry to the profession in India. We are building this training for corporate and individual since 2007.

IPTM Offers Quality Payroll Education.

Training Fee : Rs. 6,500 /-

Productivity : Online / Offline (Both)

Training Duration : 30 Days

Training Fee : Rs. 4000 /-

Location : Sector 18, Noida

Training Duration : 10 Days

Fee Payment: Rs. 4,000 /-

Material: Hard copy -By post

Assignment: 90 Days

Book Prize : 495/-

Title :Payroll Managemnt

Sub Title : Indian Payroll Processing

The IPTM Group of Institutions

(India's one of the most preferred Payroll Training Institute)

The Institute of Payroll Training and Management popular as IPTM Noida was established in 2007, keeping in mind, to provide professional education, skill development and training for Payroll Processing & Statutory Compliances In India. We intend to provide career-oriented & professional payroll training for Indian statutory compliance & direct taxation and certified to students as 'Payroll Professional' to get opportunities for professional networking, career and business development and bring our students into the modern chartered environment with payroll training experience from beginning to end.

A top ranking institute of choice for students, staff and corporate recognized for excellence in payroll training and certification in India is a vision of IPTM Institute. Know More...

Payroll Training Programs

Payroll processing and compliances

An Institute to develop and regulate the profession of Indian Payroll Management in India.

Course deals specifically with essentials of Payroll Management and focuses on tools of Payroll Process, statutory compliance and Management Information Reports so that student can applied directly in practice in a one style or technique of analysis of payroll skill and knowledge. Know more..

Certified Payroll Professional

Certificate in Indian Payroll Training Programme (CIPTP)

Become Certified Payroll Professional, improve your skill, make your CV stronger and start growing fast.

IPTM offered Indian Payroll Training Programme (CIPTP) to Certified Payroll Professional, keeping in mind, to provide professional education, skill development and training For Payroll Processing & Statutory Compliances take in undertaking associated to Salary Components and shall help to students and working people to be certified, competitive and knowledgeable in their area of perform. Know more..

Increase interview calls and selection ratio by 10X times.

cetification process

Learn from books that teach you everything at your desk!

Own your future by learning from Akumar's payroll books!


Indian Payroll Processing & Compliance

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